ABOUT Lord Howe Island

Lord Howe Island is Australia’s hidden gem, a completely unique island paradise. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site in recognition of the global significance of its beauty and biodiversity, the island’s isolation and varied landscape of mountains, beaches and coral reef ecosystems make it truly magnificent.

To travel to Lord Howe is to go back in time. To live there is to be part of the climate, close to nature, to sea and sky. With limited mobile and internet reception, the community of 350 residents are very caring, resourceful and innovative in the way they communicate and cope with the challenges of isolation. Transport? With just one car per permanent household, it's either bicycle or by foot.

Walks and hikes are special and spectacular, with ancient forests of banyan trees and towering volcanic rock formations. Due to its protected status, the island is rich in native flora, with 47% of the plants found nowhere else on earth. It’s snake-free, and home to 207 different bird species, more than 1600 insect species and the coral reef ecosystem houses over 500 species of fish. 

Lord Howe Island is stunning, fiercely protected, dramatically lush – The magic of the island is that it gets in your blood.

*Lord Howe Island Images by Jack Shick