ABOUT Bad Yogi RetreatS

A Bad Yogi Retreat is all about balance – blending movement, meditation and mindfulness with a sense of pragamtism and realness.

No spiritual sayings or bravado here, just simple and authentic practices to take you as deep and as far as you want to go. 

We believe yoga can change your life, actually we’ve seen it happen. Bad Yogi Retreats is all about bringing our passion for movement to more people and having a damn good time doing it.

Who are they for?

Absolute beginner,  occasional downward-dogger or well seasoned yogi – we got you. Bad Yogi Retreats are not serious or strict. We are irreverent in our interpretation of movement and follow the ‘do what makes you feel good’ philosophy. 

We have taught 5 year olds to 75 year olds and love to teach in a way that gets you comfortable and relaxed while Ironing out your kinks, helping you find clarity and ultimately restoring energy to maximise vitality. Win win.  

What will I experience?

Bad Yogi Retreats take you out of the everyday rush of chores, appointments and mobile phones, and gives you the space to reenergise physically and mentally. Get ready to deepen your yoga practice, get you meditation on (trust us, it’s the key) and experience pristine places that are completely unique, all done at your own pace and in a way that is more pragmatic than dogmatic.

After 7 days and 6 nights of yoga, laughs, hikes, swims, great food and great hangs you’ll leave wishing you weren’t.