"When was the last time you did something for the first time?"

Well I went on the retreat with the Bad Yogis to Lord Howe Island and had the time of my life. I had never been to Lord Howe, never done yoga and never been on a retreat with total strangers. The island was idyllic, the yoga and physical experience was invigorating, rewarding and inspiring. The professional care given to us by Glenn and Andrew and Roly our guide was tremendously thoughtful and geared to all levels of fitness. We discovered a lot about ourselves and a lot about Lord Howe! It was the best holiday I have had in 30 years. Thank you Bad Yogis for giving us the opportunity.

Paul Allison

"Got my mojo back thanks to you guys" 

In a nutshell - the Bad Yogi Retreat on Lord Howe Island  - BLOODY awesome. You’ve got to go! I've been to a couple of yoga retreats over the years - and this was the best by far. It was just awesome. Glenn & Andrew make a fantastic team. They compliment each other, combining different styles of yoga, providing a highly personalised approach and inspiration to practise at home. A fantastic reboot and kick start to everyone’s yoga practice whether beginner or ‘old hand’. As to Lord Howe Island and Ocean View Apartments, they are perfection! An absolutely stunning location (now my fav place) with breathtaking beaches and hidden spots for early morning & late afternoon yoga. Sunrises, sunsets, snorkelling, biking, hiking, wining & dining, beach BBQs, dancing, fun & laughter, chilling out & snoozing…..(and a sneaky skinny dip or two!) The Bad Yogi retreat has it all. 

Got my mojo back thanks to you guys, Glenn & Andrew. I’ll be back!

Pamela Gilbert

"Yoga is now incorporated in my daily routine"

To Andrew & Glenn - Thank you. You were  a great combination which made each day a joy, full of challenge and novelty. Lord Howe as a destination was inspired. We could not have had a better suite of settings for the Yoga classes, nor be surrounded by more natural beauty, for the activities in between. I thoroughly enjoyed the am, and pm classes. As a novice I found the combination of Yin and Vinyasa just great, and felt the classes were enhanced by having Andrew and Glenn concentrating on their own disciplines, while supporting and complimenting each others approach at every opportunity. 

Finally, the take home for me has been the change a week of intensive Yoga has made to everyday tasks.  Drying my feet after a swim, looking over my shoulder when driving, stooping to get something from a bottom drawer, I didn’t think I had any problems, I could accomplish all these things, but it now happens with 25% less effort. I don’t believe I could have acquired this new found freedom of movement if this had not been a week of concentrated daily effort. If I had had a class or two at home, I would have noticed little benefit, and my practice would have been quickly abandoned. As it is, Yoga is now incorporated in my daily routine, and definitely for the better.

Richard Bell

"I enjoyed my body being pushed out of its comfort zone"

Thank you all for a wonderful week. The location was spectacular. The Ocean View accommodation was great. The food fantastic. The yoga sessions, walks, climbs etc were physically challenging - but who doesn’t love a challenge! I thoroughly enjoyed all the physicality and enjoyed my body being pushed out of its comfort zone. I commend our fearless leaders Andrew, Glenn and Roly for their Duty of Care and consideration of our needs, wants and safety.
All in all, the best “holiday” I can remember.

Jacqui Brown

"my whole outlook on life was made even better"

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your retreat at lord Howe island. Not only did I feel more stretched out and  flexible, my whole outlook on life was made even better. Having positive energy and healthy happy people around me made a big difference! So a big hug and thank you guys, you did so well - bring on another soon!!

Lyndee Smith


"Loved the yoga, loved the coffee and wine, loved the company"

Thank you Bad Yogi's for a wonderful week on Lord Howe Island.  I thoroughly enjoyed the morning and afternoon yoga sessions in stunning locations, and while I had expected quite a bit of free time over the week, the interesting and fun things you had organised for us were not to be missed.   Yin yoga was relatively new to me, and I'm sure I will continue to add yin poses to my home sessions. Loved the yoga, loved the coffee and wine, loved the company.

Penny Coin