Bad Yogi retreats is us - Andrew Hampson and Glenn Walmsley, best of friends for 30 years plus and still counting. We worked in the corporate area with Fuji Xerox and became firm friends while rowing surf life saving boats competitively in Newcastle and Sydney.

Our training regime was intense to say the least, and was centred around building strength and size. The final product was a body that was muscular and bulky but extremely inflexible. Injuries started to mount and short term fixes were not cutting it. We needed a longer term solution. Ours was yoga.

Our first attempts at yoga were fairly excruciating, but very quickly we started to reap the benefits. Old injuries melted away and we discovered a new sense of physical freedom and wellness. Instead of exercising for strength and endurance, we were finally moving our bodies in a way that created balance, alignment and ultimately optimum health. So we decided to take things further. All the way. 

We’ve been teaching yoga now for a combined total of 36 years and we are firm advocates that yoga and meditation can help you feel fearless at 30, sexy at 40, hitting your stride at 50 and active at 60 and beyond.



Inspired by the shift in my physical wellness after practising yoga for 3 years, in 2003 I completed my first of many Yoga Teacher Trainings in California. And I never looked back.

Almost 15 years on, I spend the best part of my days now, working with private yoga clients from all walks of life, alongside leading the yoga program at Tattersalls Club in Hyde Park and heading up classes at BodyMindLife in Bondi as their senior instructor.

I’ve taught a myriad of clients including Charlize Theron, Toby Maguire, Megan Gale and Lara Bingle which only reinforces that, no matter who you are or what you do for a living, every person walking the planet needs a healthy spine and a quiet mind.

My philosophy with yoga and the way I perceive it, is simple.  When I roll out my yoga mat to practice I feel that I'm energetically taking my body to a mechanic and getting a major overhaul.  

Through my yoga practise I take my body through every conceivable range of movement. I bend what needs to be bent, I twist what needs to be twisted, I balance what needs to be balanced and I promote enhanced blood flow and circulation to all areas of my body. When I roll up my yoga mat again I feel an inch taller and significantly reinvigorated. Yoga is the fountain of youth.

I consider myself to be a modern day yogi, one who loves green tea and lentils but who also loves a cheeky red, the occasional rib eye and a few profanities when required. It’s all about balance. 

Like ones body, life should not be rigid.



My interest in health began more than 30 years ago. After competing at national level in Australian sport and maintaining a high level of physical fitness for many years, I found my purpose and moved away from my professional background into Yin Yoga and Myotherapy. I have continuously studied with many great teachers, and have been empowered with their knowledge, experience and wisdom.

My expertise in treating people with chronic pain and acute injury led me to develop a holistic multi-faceted program called Change4Life. I believe Yin Yoga is the missing link in physical exercise that is needed to maintain a vibrant, active life with unrestricted movement and this has become my passion.

I like to create space for people to be still, turn inwards and deeply connect with themselves.

I run Yin Yoga safari retreats in Kenya, teach regularly in the NSW North Coast, run Yin Yoga workshops, as well as continuing to work with my Change4Life program.

I believe yoga can change your life, and my passion is to share my practical wisdom with you at our retreats. I want you to be going to bed at the end of each day, inspired by what you have learned and experienced, anticipating what tomorrow will bring.